Art of the Cut

One of the best things you can do to level up your craft is to learn from other accomplished filmmakers.


That means listening to their stories, digging into their creative processes, and finding out how they solve technical challenges. But not everyone has access to top-tier talent, and gaining insight from Hollywood-level experts is difficult (even if you live in LA).


That’s why Steve Hullfish’s Art of the Cut series is one of the most essential and well-respected resources in the industry.

這就是為什麼Steve Hullfish的 “剪輯藝術 “系列是行業中最重要和最受尊敬的資源之一。

Over the last decade, Steve has taken us into the cutting rooms of hundreds of major films and TV shows. From Hollywood legends like Thelma Schoonmaker and Walter Murch, to recent Oscar winner Mikkel Nielsen and MCU editor Jeffrey Ford, Steve has given us incredible access to some of the top creative minds in the business.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce that is the new home for Art of the Cut.

In addition to all the tactical and practical articles you’ve come to expect from us, you’ll now get every new episode, interview, and special feature of Art of the Cut right here on the Insider.

今天,我們很高興地宣布,Frame.io是 “剪輯藝術 “的新家。 除了你所期待的所有戰術和實用文章外,你現在還可以在 Insider上看到《剪輯藝術》的每一集新內容、採訪和特別報導。隨著大片的發行,史蒂夫很高興能提供更多與一些行業大佬的訪談。

As blockbuster releases gear up for a big summer, Steve is excited to deliver even more interviews with some of the industry’s biggest names.

For long-time fans, we hope you continue to enjoy Art of the Cut on, and for first-time readers we’re excited to bring you this invaluable insider access. It’s an honor to partner with industry veterans like Steve, and we’re eager to share even more exclusive content with the hundreds of thousands of filmmakers and video pros we serve.

對於老粉絲來說,我們希望你能繼續享受Frame.io上的 “剪輯藝術”,而對於第一次的讀者來說,我們很高興能給你帶來這種寶貴的內部訪問。能與史蒂夫這樣的行業資深人士合作是我們的榮幸,我們渴望與我們服務的數十萬電影製作人和視頻專家分享更多獨家內容。



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